IFAJ デンマーク大会のお知らせ


There is still time to register!

It is with great pleasure that the Danish Association of Agricultural Journalists invites you to register for the IFAJ 2022 congress in Denmark from 27 June to 3 July 2022 at the Vingsted Centre located 20 minutes from Billund International Airport.
IFAJ 2022 in Denmark. will showcase the best and most interesting farms, the latest research results and the most innovative solutions. Equally important for us is to give you a clear picture of the challenges facing Danish agriculture in the context of climate and the environment, animal welfare and the fact that Danish agriculture is very export-oriented.
We look forward to seeing you in Denmark in 2022!

Main congress June 27-July 3 2022 (5 days / 6 nights)
Single room: 1,075 euros
Double room: 975 euros
Room with 3-4 beds: 900 euros

Pre-congress tour to Copenhagen and Zealand June 24-June 27
Single room: 440 euros
Double room: 380 euros

Post-congress tour to Faroe Islands (for further information see pdf)
Single room: 1,750 euros
Double room: 1,500 euros

Register Here

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